Corporate Branding

Xacci corporate branding services can help you build an identity to express the values, ambitions and characteristics of your organization to both internal and external stakeholders. Corporate branding plays a vital role in building your brand or corporate persona. Xacci offers you the following most important design products for building Corporate Branding:

Logo Designing

Proper and competent branding begins with a well conceived properly designed logo creation process which evokes a positive “trust-value” message and the core vision of your company into reality. Contact us and we can help you keep your business or product in the forefront of your customers and make your business look professional.

Business Cards

Business cards bear particular business information about a specific company. These are mostly shared during meetings, gatherings, and serve as an easy way to remember and to be remembered. Conventionally business cards are simple black text on white stock; however Xacci had shifted to somewhat more artistic approach. Let us help your organization to build better impression.


Letterhead designing is an important part of corporate identity and is significant in correspondence with your clients and other business stakeholders. Usually, it a letter paper with a distinctive heading on top comprises of name, address, logo or corporate design. It is of high corporate and legal value and is required to adhere to many rules and regulations. Hire our services to help you get a better designed letter heads.


An envelope is a packaging product, designed to contain items like bills and cards and is mostly used for postal-services. Traditionally, it is made from a sheet of paper, though companies usually have them designed and printed as a part of corporate identity-with their logos, business and contact information. Contact us to get a better designed packaging.

Express the values and ambitions of your organization